HVLP Gravity Feed Air Spray Gun with Gauge, 1.7mm Nozzle Size, 600cc Plastic Cup

  • $27.99

  • Heavy duty one-piece metal gun body construction with rust-resistant stainless steel nozzle for durability and longevity
  • Gravity feed fluid delivery design works together with three adjustable valve knobs providing high material transfer efficiency and reduces overspray for precise paint pattern.
  • Lightweight, non-drip paint cup holds 600cc capacity and is ideal for high volume paint applications for car refurbishing, automotive touch ups, industrial and woodwork.
  • Convenient metal air gauge regulator manually controls air pressure flow for the best, consistent results
  • Professional kit comes equipped with a handy cleaning brush

this high pressure air spray gun with gauge control provides professional grade painting for coating uneven surfaces. It features a gravity feed cup for high volume paint application for car refurbishing, industrial, wall painting and woodwork. This set comes with a cleaning brush for easy cleaning to get a precise finish.

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