Welding Blanket 4' x 6'

Welding Blanket 4' x 6'

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A Welding Blanket 4’ x 6’ is made from heavyweight, flame-retardant fiberglass providing protection to equipment and work areas from damage from sparks and spatter. High degree rating of 1000 degrees (537C). Reinforced hem and high-quality brass grommets for versatility for various job applications.

Made of Flame Retardant Fiberglass

General Purpose Welding Blanket, 4' x 6'

Provides Thermal Protection from Sparks and Splatter

180z. Heat-Treated Flame-Retardant Fiberglass

Thickness: 0.08"

Brass Grommets Evenly Spaced on Each Side

Working Temperature: 1000F or 537C

Burning Thru Temperature 1400F