10 Ton jack Stand Extra Heavy Duty Pin Type Truck Semi Stands 28 to 47' 2 pack

  • $199.00

    • Pin Type Jack Stands 10 ton are safe, secure alternatives to ratchet and pawl jack stands. rugged construction and four leg steel base ensure strength and stability during vehicle support. 
    • multiple height settings in 1-1/2 in. increments with simple pin facilitated height adjustment minimum 28 maximum 47
    • attached height adjustment pin prevents loss and offers quick height setting
    • large support saddle with locating lugs support and position the vehicle frame
    • Large saddle with locating lugs provide secure support for the car, truck, and semi frame 
    • Four-legged steel base and support tube made of heavy schedule pipe add strength and stability Multiple height settings in 1-1/2 in. 

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