4 Pack Connector Pins for Scaffold

  • $9.99

  • 2.5-Inch length
  • 3/8-Inch diameter
  • Attached locking latch
  • Set of 4

Build your own custom scaffold tower to fit your specific
needs for home repair, maintenance and building construction. Use the 4 Piece
Connector Pin Set to lock together scaffolding components. From the
Manufacturer Buffalo Tools Exterior Scaffolding Connector Pins. These connect
the different structural components together. They provide for easy assembly
and dis-assembly of the Scaffolding. Order 2 sets of four for use on the base
unit. (1 set for connecting the 7' Angle Iron Braces (GSCB7 & 1 set for
connecting either the 8" Casters (GSC8) or the Base Plates (GSBP) to the base