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40 Gallon Automotive Parts Washer Cleaner Electric Solvent Pump Shelf Tank

Brand: Generic

Model Number: 10382

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Acima financing options
Acima financing options
  • Stable And Durablemade of high strength carbon steel, welded integrated tank-type construction, powder coated finish, resist rust and corrosion, ensures it's long-last serving life-span. 40 gallon load capacity, suitable for cleaning multi-sized parts. Self standing design, fixed supporting foot, add it's stability.
  • Electric Automotive Parts Washeruses enclosed electric submersible pump, automatic solvent circulating rinse and flexible spigot, labor saving, makes engine parts wash much easier and thoroughly. High flow pump circulates solvent at 5.28 gallons per minute. Max water lift capacity of 7ft.
  • Automatic Closed Lid In Case Of Fireinternal fire safety device. Features heat resistant lid with fusible link, automatically closes to prevent fire accident. And a considered switch water shield, ensures safety.
  • Multi-Sized Parts Cleaning Available40 gallon tank with removable work surface tray for bigger parts. Also comes with a small washing basket for small parts. Must use a water-based non-corrosive solvent. Equipped with drain plug for easy cleaning.
  • Utility both household and commercial use available. Includes an extra storage/drying shelf. Drying shelf is easy to clean. Easily assembled and then start to use. A must have for car maintenance and service, garage and so on.


  • Flexible nozzle lets you get solvent where you need it
  • Solid steel design won't leak
  • Fusible linked lid arm prevents accidental injury in case of fire
  • Removable work surface tray
  • Equipped with drain plug for easy cleaning
  • Drying shelf is easy to clean
  • Must use a water-based solvent.
  • Commercial 40 Gallons Electric Parts Washer 
  • Perfect for Cleaning Small to Large Engine Parts 
  • Large Component Shelf & Parts Tray  Fully Adjustable Flexible Spigot 
  • All Steel Powder Coated Finish (Rust Resistant)  
  • Fusible Link Hinge for Fire Safety  
  • Fully Sealed Magnetic Drive Solvent Pump  


  • Color: Red
  • 71" power cord
  • Electric Pump Voltage: 115V/60HZ  
  • Max Pump Output: 3.96GPM  
  • Total Tank Capacity: 40 Gallons  
  • Volts: 120V/60HZ
  • Size: 43x21x35
  • Tank Material: Steel
  • Max solvent capacity: 24Gallon
  • Min solvent capacity: 12Gallon
  • Max tank capacity: 40Gallon
  • Flow rate: 5.28GPM