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Automatic Spring Loaded Centre Punch With Knurled Brass Window Breaker

Brand: Generic

Model Number: PUNCHACB

Acima financing options
Acima financing options
  • Useful for marking locations before screwing, drilling or riveting holes in any material
  • Good for electricians or anyone that needs to make a lot of holes through metals
  • Used by Firefighters/EMTs to shatter windows while extracting people from vehicle accidents
  • Durable Brass (non-rusting) Body with a Heat-Treated Alloy Steel sharp remaining Tip Point, which is Chrome Plated for a long lasting lifetime.

About The  Loaded Center Punch.

  • The Problem:When Standing on a ladder ready to screw in fasteners into Pen-Marked Guides, the screw has a tendency to wander & drop down, which consumes time & makes the job really hard to complete & its annoying.How can we prevent this from happening?
  • Our Solution: Adjustable Automatic Center Puncher.
  • Hole Punching: The Punch will provide you with a large enough indentation so youll see where to start drill/screw while keeping the screw steady without wandering off.
  • No more Hammer use when trying to make center punches, with this Automatic Center Punch you will give just a small press & get a nice punch. 
  • Adjustable:The End Cap is made to regulate the striking tension force
  • Handy tool that fits in your pocket.
  • Spring Loaded Mechanism:The Hard Spring gives you an auto powerful high-impact strike on the surface when pressed.
  • Strong: Strong enough to punch a Car Window, Beer Bottle Cap, Stainless Steel Bar, & all types of Metals & Materials. 
  • Sharp Pinpoint:The Extreme Sharp Heat-Treated Alloy Steel Point will give a starting location in any material with a hand snap.
  • Replaceable Tip: The Tip is easy to open & replace with a new one when needed. The dimple that the Center Punch makes, will be your best mark helping your screw stay in place without dropping.
  • Use for: Emergency Window Breaking (Escape Tool) 
  • Pilot Holes Pre- Drill Alternative 
  • 100% Precise Jobs Clean & Uniform Impressions 
  • Duck Work Impact Tool for Hardness Testing