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Contractor Stationary Scaffolds Tower Set 20 Ft High 7 Ft Long, 5 ft Wide with Guard Rail

Brand: Generic

Model Number: 900535

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Contractor Stationary Scaffolds Tower Set 20 Ft High 7 Ft Long, 5 ft Wide with Guard Rail

This scaffold tower kit includes all the necessary elements to construct a scaffold platform that complies with OSHA standards and reaches a height of 20 ft.

Please keep in mind that this measurement represents the platform's elevation, with guardrail components situated even higher. The tower is constructed using 5'x5' double ladder frames, which can also serve as ladders for accessing the scaffold platform. Three aluminum planks form a sturdy 5'x7' working surface for you to stand and work on, securely locking into the scaffold frames for enhanced safety."

Tower Kit Includes:

  • 8 Units of 5‘ X 5’ Single Ladder, Snap-On Frame
  • 8 Units of Galv. Tubular Cross Brace 7‘ X 4’ Snap On
  • 3 Units of 7‘ Aluminum W/Plywood Plank
  • 16 Units of Pig Tail Pin
  • 4 Units of Snap-On Guard Rail Post With Tail (Corner Style)
  • 4 Units of  7’ Snap-On Guard Rail 
  • 4 Units of 5‘ Snap-On Guard Rail 
  • 1 Unit of 10’X 5“ Diagonal Goose
  • 8 Units of Screw Jack With Base Plate 
  • 4 Units of Outriggers 

Weight 825 lbs Apprx 

Stay Safe! Please refer to OSHA guidelines when erecting and using any construction scaffolding products. You can find general scaffolding safety requirements at

This product can expose you to chemicals, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to P65Warnings