Grip Tools 37139 Electrical Termination Kit 308 Pcs.

Grip Tools 37139 Electrical Termination Kit 308 Pcs.

  • $12.49

  • Kit includes most commonly used connectors
  • Clamps, cable ties, and heat shrink included
  • Packaged in a handy storage case

electrical termination kit includes the most popular electrical connectors, cable clamps, cable ties, and heat shrink. Pre-sorted and packaged in a handy storage case.


Tin plated copper constructed terminals & connectors provide a secure connection between two wires without soldering.

100% polyolefin constructed heat-shrink tubbings provide an insulated and flame retardant covering for wrapping wire harnesses.

Nylon cable clamps are perfect for neatly securing and organizing cables, wires, tubings and rods.

Neatly organized in a re-sealable divided PVC case for convenient storage.

308 pcs set Includes:

15 pcs 16-14 ga. Female Disconnector FDD2-250

15 pcs 16-14 ga. Male Disconnector BV2

25 pcs 16-14 ga. Butt Connector BV2

20 pcs 16-14 ga. #10 RVL2-5

16 PCS 12-10 ga. Ring Terminal #6 RV5.5-3.5

15 PCS 12-10 ga. Butt Connector BV5.5

25 pcs 16-14 ga. Ring Terminal #1/4 RV2-6

150 pcs Nylon Cable Tie 3/32" x 4" Red, Green, Black

20 pcs Heat Shrinkable Tubing 13/64" x 4" Red, Black

7pcs Cable Clamp 5/8" White

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