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Heavy Duty Multi-Use Siphon Fuel Transfer Pump Kit (for Gas Oil, Liquids and Air)

Brand: Generic

Model Number: TAIP0359

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  • Safely and easily transfer gasoline and other fluids through a siphon intake and discharge system
  • Great for home, industrial, marine and farm use
  • Pump, air pressure hose, dipstick tube, hoses, and attachments
  • Quick connects making hose connection and removal quick and simple
  • Takes the mess out of suctioning most fluids

  • Transfers most liquids and pumps air for inflatables. Transfer gasoline, oil, antifreeze and other liquids simply and quickly with no mess even for inflating pool toys and beach balls. 
  • Allows for the safe and easy transfer of liquids between containers or vehicles, eliminating the risky practice of siphoning dangerous liquids by mouth. 
  • This transfer pump works with any low-viscosity fluid to fill or empty tanks and reservoirs. 
  • This multi-purpose pump is the handy tool of today. 
  • Quickly and easily siphon and transfer most liquids like water, oil, and gasoline quickly and efficiently. 
  • Pump pool toys, beach balls etc. as an inflator as well. 
  • The manual pump comes with extra-long hoses for easier access and fluid transfer. 
  • Pump, air pressure hose, dipstick tube, hoses, and attachments are items included in packaging. 
  • Large plunger style cylinder pumps most fluids
  • Long hose makes siphoning gas quick and spill-free

To Use the Multi-Use Pump as a Siphon: 

  • 1. Insert one end of each of the two orange hoses through the black connectors. 
  • 2. Insert the connector end of the orange hoses to the top and bottom nozzles on the pump housing and press the connectors over the nozzles after the hoses are securely inserted. 
  • 3. Put the orange hose from the top nozzle (intake) into the liquid needing to be transferred. Then insert the orange hose from the bottom nozzle (discharge) into where the liquid is to go. 
  • Note: For proper siphoning, the discharge hose must be lower than the intake hose. 
  • 4. Prime the pump by pumping the handle 3-4 times. Once the liquid begins to flow, it will flow without further pumping. After siphoning gasoline, oil, or any flammable liquid, it is very important to clean the pump. 

To Use as an Air Pump: 

  • Place the air pressure hose into the bottom nozzle (discharge) and tighten securely, and begin pumping. To inflate pool toys, beach balls, etc., place an inflation needle into the threaded adapter on the end of the air pressure hose and begin pump


  • Usually flushing the pump and hoses with water is all that is needed for cleaning. For a more thorough cleaning, the Multi-Use Pump can be disassembled, without the use of tools, and cleaned.

This product can expose you to chemicals, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to P65Warnings