Hydraulic Bottle Jack, 20 Ton Capacity | High Lift, Heavy Duty

  • $36.89

  • Superior, heat treated steel construction is built for longevity and durability
  • Specialized oil bypass system design prevents the lifting ram from being over stroked
  • Heavy duty hard-cast iron base can withstand up to 40,000 pounds with minimum height of 10" and maximum of 19"
  • Versatile design makes this tool ideal for work in farmland, automotive body shops, at home garages, industrial or construction sites
  • Convenient handle allows for portability to take on all types of scenarios


  • Heavy-duty heat-treated steel construction
  • Minimum height of 10"
  • Maximum height of 19"
  • Long, two-piece handle saves pumping effort
  • Large heavy duty hard-cast iron base
  • Oil bypass system prevents the lifting ram from being over stroked
  • Ideal for automotive, truck, farm, industrial and construction work

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