Leather Hole Punch Pliers 9" with Multi-size Rotating Wheel for Belts, Watch Straps, Purses

  • $6.99

  • Constructed of high quality carbon steel body with chrome plating and brass-plated anvil to prevent rusting and maximizes tool life
  • Super sized 9" body design provides more power and control when punching precise holes
  • Punch tool is handheld and easy to use- simply align pliers to desired placement, grip, and press
  • Heavy duty, rotary style puncher allows for clean, round cuts with an adjustable assorted size selection
  • Ideal for wide range of applications such as use on shoes, wallets, cloth, paper, and many more crafting goods

Make quick and easy holes on any leather good projects with this belt hole
puncher! Produced of carbon steel and a revolving wheel offering multiple
sizes, this is perfect for at home alterations on belts, purses, watch bands,
costumes and many more!

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