Humane Live Animal Trap 32"x11"x13" Large Steel Cage Spring Loaded Animal Racoon, Squirrel, Rodents, Possums

  • $59.99

    • This Animal Trap Steel Cage is perfect for humanely trapping and removing unwanted animals from your property. 
    • Constructed of heavy duty galvanized steel with smoothed and rounded inside edges to humanely capture and contain unwanted animals until you decide to release them elsewhere. 
    • Large enough to capture raccoons, possums, groundhogs, and more. 
    • Wire Gauge: 2.5mm 
    • Constructed of Heavy Duty Galvanized Steel Easy Bait, Set, Catch and Release 
    • Remove Animals from in Your Land or Backyard with this Environmentally Safe Way with this Live Animal Trap 
    • Smoothed and Rounded Inside Edges for the Protection of Animals 
    • Instead of Killing the Animals, you Can Move them to Other Places and Release 
    • Them Perfect Combination of Humane and Efficient Traps is Designed to Capture Most Common Home and Farm Nuisance Animals such as Raccoons, Possums, Groundhogs, Squirrels, Rabbits, Chipmunks, Rats and More. 
    • Size: 32"x11"x13" Weights: 10 lbs.

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